For Parents and Educators
Apprenticeships combine real-world experience, traditional classroom learning, full-time employment, and marketable skills in an in-demand occupation, all without student loan debt!
Why choose an apprenticeship?

In addition to being full-time employees, apprentices also participate in classroom instruction that applies directly to their career.

The classroom instruction is designed by or in conjunction with the University System of Ohio.

By partnering with the University System of Ohio, apprentices are able to gain college credit.

When they complete their training, they also receive a certificate that is recognized nationally.

What is a pre-apprenticeship program?

High school students who complete a ApprenticeOhio-recognized pre-apprenticeship program are eligible for up to 12 points towards their high school graduation requirements.

Pre-apprenticeship curricula for in-school youth are developed in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education.

Pre-apprenticeship curricula for out-of-school and adults are developed in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and/or the University System of Ohio.

Educators interested in becoming a recognized pre-apprenticeship program provider should contact their local apprenticeship service provider.  The provider will walk you through the recognition process and help you draft the application.