Apprentice Success Stories

Dorothy P., parent of 3 apprentices:

Dorothy’s three sons, Ryan (26), Eric (23), and Craig (20), all graduated from Upper Valley Career Center (UVCC) and began their careers as apprentices.

“I was most surprised that apprentices aren't paid minimum wage - Ryan, Eric, and Craig all started at $10 an hour at the time and I never realized the extent to which the employers would work with students. I have an accounting degree and knew that would not be the right fit for any of my kids. I didn't force them to go to college, I started seeing the opportunities they had with what they really wanted to do and realized they could be just as successful as a college-bound kid. The boys are very happy with their jobs - their attendance at work is just as good as it was in school.”

Emily D., Tool Design Apprentice at LuK USA, LLC:

“What surprised me about apprenticeship is that most apprentices get a job offer when they finish the program. The other thing that surprised me, probably the most, was that all of my schooling would be paid for. They don’t just pay me as an employee, they also pay for tuition, books, everything down to the parking pass for campus. The fact that I would have my associate’s degree for Mechanical Engineering Technology for free, and the Industrial Design Journeyman’s card, that was just unbelievable.”

Ronald D., Emily’s Parent:
“Emily’s apprenticeship allowed her to be debt free and have a job out of school. It was a great way to get her out into the job market. She was given the opportunity to work throughout the company, and the rotations allowed her to figure out which department fit her best.”

Nehemias M., Electrical Apprentice at Vaughn Industries, LLC

“Every day I wake up excited to go to work, because every day is a new experience. My favorite part of my job is learning new skills every day and gaining knowledge that will help me have a successful career after the completion of my apprenticeship. I have already recommended apprenticeship and I will continue to recommend apprenticeship to anyone interested in getting a job that pays you to learn a career while you train on the job. Apprenticeship is not just a job it’s a pathway to many rewarding and successful careers.”