Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

There are several frequently asked questions (FAQs) that employers ask about sponsoring an apprentice.

Q: Why is the apprentice record in RAPIDS showing as an Incomplete Registration?  

The apprentice registration request was not fully submitted by clicking the electronic signature and "Save and Submit" button at the bottom of the record.

Q: What do I need to do when adding previous credit to my online apprentice registration?  

Email or mail us completed and signed credit vouchers, and documentation for Related Technical Instruction credit (copies of transcripts, copies of training certificates, etc.) to approve electronic apprentice registrations.  If these documents are not received within 10 business days of the apprentice registration with applied credit, the request for registration will be denied and sent back to the sponsor account to be resubmitted.

Q: Do apprenticeship agreements still need to be kept for record keeping purposes?  

The “OSAC Policy - Rules of Procedure” was updated on September 12, 2011. Item 13 states, “Apprenticeship agreements with original signatures shall be maintained as a part of the permanent apprentice file under the authority of Ohio Administrative Code 5101:11-3-04”. The complete policy is found on our home page under the section titled General Information.

A populated apprenticeship agreement can be accessed in the RAPIDS database for all individual apprentice records. These apprenticeship agreements can be printed out, signed by the sponsor and apprentice, and retained in each individual apprentice file for compliance purposes. Each one of these agreements will contain an electronic signature from OSAC. To access this form, click on the “Apprenticeship Agreement (671)” link at the top of each individual apprentice record.

Q: Is there a time frame for an apprentice transaction in RAPIDS?  

The RAPIDS database requires that all transactions (registrations, cancellations, and completions) be completed within 45 days. For example, if an apprentice begins a program today, there are 45 days to register.

Q: How are completion certificates created through the electronic apprentice transaction process?   

Once a sponsor submits a request for completion through RAPIDS, we will review and approve. Once approved, we will complete a certificate with the information found in the RAPIDS request and mail to the sponsor. Be sure the apprentice is 1) registered within the correct occupation, 2) the completion date is accurate, and 3) the apprentice’s name is spelled correctly because the certificate is created using that information exactly as it is listed. Please update individual records before submitting a completion request.

Q: How can I update my account contact information in RAPIDS?  

Log in and click on the "My Profile" tab on the Home Page.  

Q: How do I conduct apprentice transactions if my individual sponsor account is not yet established?   

Mail or e-mail your paper forms to us. Our mailing address is: Ohio State Apprenticeship Council, PO Box 1618, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1618. Our email is: apprenticeship@jfs.ohio.gov.

Q: How do I get a username and password to access RAPIDS?  

Email us your request at apprenticeship@jfs.ohio.gov.